About Joe

When I started sales, I was working for a gardening company, selling soil.

Then I realized... "If I can sell dirt, I can sell anything."

I started to take note from all my interactions and notice patterns. I knew that I wanted to get the record as the highest selling sales rep. So I focused on refining my details.

I read many sales books and studied psychology. It worked! I made it to the top two stores in sales revenue for our summer campaign!

But then I realized, am I being nice to customers? Am I really giving them what they need, instead of forcing their decisions? What if I'm being unethical and stretching my sales pitch beyond the truth?

I started to get afraid that I might be going against everything ethical, and maybe I was becoming the typical "sleazy salesman."

So in my sales journal at home, I started to write about these problems of ethics, Christianity, and selling. And this made my attitude and my sales improve.

I learned that our attitude is the hugest factor in selling. I learned so much about psychology of buying, from observing people and how they responded to what I said, over and over again.

I realized I wanted to chronicle how I approached sales from a loving standpoint, not based on manipulation, so I started writing.

What I've put together is a philosophy which I think will help not only salespeople, but anyone selling things online.

It teaches how to interact with people to enhance the sales experience--in the interest of both parties.

"Selling by serving" truly produced the best results for me.

Now I want to help other sales reps increase their success, through Loving Sales.