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Your true-worth will never lead you into anxiety

Stop thinking you aren't good enough, or don't deserve respect. April 2, 2014

Anxiety is fear that you are somehow not good enough and need to try harder. Maybe you feel anxious because you feel you don't have approval from others.

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Awareness, Love, and Expansion Leads to Solutions

April 2, 2014

People look up to celebrities as if they're living on a different plane of life, or more worthy of love and intelligence. You're not only asked to do this. You're expected to. You're also expected to drive a car based on technology which hasn't evolved since the 1880's.

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This site is a resource for starseeds and lightworkers, or anyone who seeks new perspectives about reality, truth, and love. Our planet is going through a very special time which only comes once in about 250,000 years. All of the energies in the galaxy lined up so that we can all choose to manifest our own reality, make responsible choies, and become sovereign-- if we want to. Will you choose your own destiny? Join me as I help expand the awareness of planet Earth. There are solutions to the problems out there-- but it all starts with awareness of what is possible, and the choice to wake up or stay asleep in the old matrix.

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