Need help with your website?

Hi, I’m Joe.

I build websites for musicians and local businesses.

Fortunately for you, I am not a jack-of-all-trades agency.

I just build high-performance websites with optimized SEO for musicians.

Website SEO Tips for local businesses

How do you make your website get more traffic?  Let’s talk about SEO.
Good SEO for websites involves a lot of factors including:
– making new content and publishing it regularly – photos of you in action, not stock photos
– keyword strategy. Use Google Keyword planner to get started. They have a huge amount of SEO keywords data because they’re the biggest search engine, with over 80% of searches coming from their search engine.
– customer psychology: what are they really looking for?
– integration with social media: a website is a good place to learn more, but social media is a great way to initially connect people to your local business.

Check out our work

Dream Launcher Studios

A fun project we built for David Williams, leader of Dream Launcher Studios in Forida.

This involved integrating a social media platform so that users could form their own groups, advertise and promote their creative work independently from the behemoth social media platforms.

Music Teacher - Landing Page

Use this FREE template to start your music teacher website landing page. This page can be linked to an advertisement to generate traffic from Google Ads.

Pencil Artist - Website Demo

A site I built for myself, to display my pencil drawings.

Complete with portfolio image sliders, galleries, and more.

- Show off your portfolio
- Sell your paintings directly to collectors.


Most frequent questions and answers

Do I really need a website at all? ... in this age of social media, and Facebook?

I honestly don’t know for you until we talk. Each person’s needs are different.

But I recommend it if you’re a professional because it looks better and has a lot more functionality to offer than a Facebook page. However it may take a little more work to get people to your website if you don’t have a social media presence. The two can complement each other.

For example, a social media page is like a prelude or program notes, and a website is an entire piece or symphony. It’s bigger and more in-depth. But again, each musician is different.

What's your strategy?

Investigate – we discuss to see what you need, whether you need a website or not, and how it could help you get more gigs/ work/ or just show off your music more professionally.

Discover – We hone in on your style and what makes your unique. Do you ahve a niche sound? Are you in a band or are you a classical instrumentalist? Are you a composer? Who do you sound like? What other bands/musicians does this audience already have, that we could bring to your website? I use those keywords to write the copy for your main pages. Then you can use the keywords and tags when you upload more content.

Build – I build the site and consult with you on how it’s going.

Launch – we go live and the site is online. All the social media is hooked up and you can start monitoring how many visitors you get after that, by logging in.

Does this Include Advertising?

BASIC – advertising not included, but I do offer basic SEO (such as helping you write the content, format your videos, music with SEO keywords in mind) and a full website design/ build.

The advanced package includes advertising on a platform such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook ads — whichever we find is more appropriate for you during our investigation of your needs.

Which platform do you build on?

I usually use WordPress for clients.

It’s fast and professional websites use it. About 25% of websites are using it, so it’s a very popular CMS.


Does this include SEO? What is that?

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How can I read more about SEO?


  • Look good, sound good. Get a professional looking website that presents your most authentic musical self.
  • Mobile friendly – don’t miss out or get penalized for visitors who have smaller screens.
  • Connect visitors to you Social Media pages
  • A hub for all your songs and videos
  • Invites people to contact you for gigs
  • Fast loading pages for higher ranking on search engines
  • SEO Optimized – so that the right people find your site quickly.
  • Secure – we use SSL so that browsers, search engines,  and visitors trust you
Joe sitting at computer designing websites