3 Spiritual Texts to Help you Comprehend Life

The Law of One

Law of One by Ra, Social Memory Complex

Law of One – Printed Book:

The Emerald Tablets by Hermes Trimestigus or Thoth

Emerald Tablets link

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Zhuan Fa Lun by Li Hongzhi

A Chinese energy practice set forth by Li Hongzhi. It rests on the three principles of Truthfulness, Forbearance, and Compassion.

It is seen as a threat by the Communist party of China. Li Hongzhi has lived in the USA since late 90’s when he began to be persecuted. Their reputation has been maligned, arrested, imprisoned, and persecuted in the media by the People’s Republic of China.

The jailed followers have recount atrocities including organ harvesting and forced drugging.  Annette Lantos of the Lantos foundation stated, “Despite the suffering they have endured, the Fa Long Gong have remained steadfast in their belief and committed to telling their story.”

Annette Lantos Remarks at Falun Gong Rally on Capitol Hill

The beautiful artistic production which is run by volunteers and showcased all around the world (except for mainland China) is called Shen Yun. I saw this production recently. They said the dancers have been trained in disciplines originating from gymnastic principles which were handed down from the heavens, into ancient China. They claim many dances since then have originated from this ancient Chinese cultural heritage. The production symbolized to me Truth overcoming error, and Love unbounded by opposition.

Shen Yun Performing Arts – Telling their Story