7 Secrets of Great Piano Tuning Websites

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1. Use a profile picture of yourself, not a stock image.

Getting a professional photographer is an option when building a new website. But normal photos taken at random angles are also fine because they look real.

Use a real life picture of you:

Don’t use stock:

2. Attention Ratio

Less is more. Most websites have way too many options going on. As a result, customers don’t know what they should be doing on your site.

Focus on the most important things:

1) How you can fix their piano
2) Why they should pick you
3) Ask them to contact you

3. Use SSL

SSL means your customer’s data will not be intercepted when they enter something on your site.

This makes visitors feel safe, and allows a higher ranking on Google’s search results.
More details here.

4. Keep the main focus on the customer

Don’t get too technical. Don’t forget: the reason people are hiring you is so that they don’t have to learn how to fix pianos themselves. Therefore they probably don’t really care that much about how it’s done. But you could still engage them with pictures of your last tuning job.

5. Make an Offer to Your Most Valuable Customers

For example, do colleges give you a chance to tune lots of pianos in one day?  Announce a discount for tuning a certain quantity of pianos — for colleges or schools.

Or form a referral service with piano teachers, where you give their students a discount.

6. What makes your service unique?

List the benefits of why they should choose you, over other piano tuners.

– Do you work faster?
– Is your team nicer?
– Do you have a large team?
– Are you known for advanced repairs like resurfacing?
– Can you add other benefits that your competition has not mentioned?

I can regulate the action so that it has the buttery touch of a new piano.

I can move your piano to another room”

We can tune and resurface the felt hammers in an hour”

“We install piano humidifiers to keep your piano from breaking and detuning, which saves you money on more repairs.”

Anything that gives you an edge will keep your customers from forgetting you.

7. Video review your customer

These are phenomenal for generating more business!

On piano website I’ve seen, he interviews his customer playing after he tuned the piano. Watch it here:

What a simple way to show how happy your customers are!

These things should help you grow your business through your website.

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