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If you’re studying free energy, and looking for diagrams, documents, and proof of things like free-energy generators, get these links.

Books resources – Free-energy


OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS: 4th Revised and Expanded Edition: Tesla’s “Ideal Flying Machine” and the Conspiracy to Conceal It: Mr. William R. Lyne: 9780985452711: Gateway
The Free Energy Generator – ijsrp-p3626.pdf
Science Electric Generator Magnets Speaker For Free New 2019 – YouTube
The Free Energy Generator – ijsrp-p3626.pdf
Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015 | Records of the Quantum Energy Generator and the Fix the World Organization. New Blog can be found at and


Anti-Gravity & Conscious Awareness | Ralph and Marsha Ring:


How To Build An Energy Efficient & Potentially Fuelless Generator:
how to build a potentially fuelless generator - about the authors
Microsoft Word – QEG Build Manual 16-Mar-15.docx – qeg-build-manual-25-mar-15.pdf
Free Energy Generator for light bulbs “Free Energy” 100% working device – YouTube
Anti-Gravity & Conscious Awareness | Ralph and Marsha Ring – YouTube
Affiliate Program Signup – A & P Electronic Media
Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami | Plasma Ignition
Affiliate Program Signup – A & P Electronic Media
Bedini RPX Sideband Generator

“Hacking the Aether” by Aaron Murakami


Tesla Media Network

tesla media network

“The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity” by Eric Dollard

The Power of the Aether as Related to Music & Electricity by Eric Dollard

“The Quantum Key” by Aaron Murakami

The Quantum Key Quantum foreward Peter Lindeman

Schematics, Circuits
People, leaders, inventors, organizations
Marko Rodin – GlobalBEM
“The Tesla Collection” – the most comprehensive compilation of newspaper and periodical material ever assembled by or about Nikola Tesla
Susan Manewich M.S. | LinkedIn
CETV | Susan Manewich
Joel Garbon – Breakthrough Energy : Guidance for Activism – GlobalBEM
GlobalBEM (@GlobalBEM) | Twitter
Microsoft Word – Energy BRIEFING 09 Final.doc
The Tom Bearden Website

Marco Rodin, his “Rodin Coil” and Vortex Math


Marco Rodin invented a coil which conserves a large percentage of its energy. It looks like a vortex coil. Originally, Marco didn’t name it after himself, but others refer to it as the “Rodin coil” (probably because its easy to remember).


Rodin has introduced the concept in lectures and videos online with much fervor, and encourages others to learn as much about the concept as possible. While I was searching about it, I found that this creation is related to Vortex Math — the mathematics involved in creating fractal images, and perhaps related to the basis of life itself, or even the logos of our galaxy! (refer to the Law of One).


I recommend that you watch this video about Vortex Math on GlobalBEM first. It will introduce you to the Rodin coil and the math behind it.

Vortex Math | The Sacred Wai
Vortex Math
The Tom Bearden Website
The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman 8th Edition : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Marko Rodin – YouTube
The Rodin Coil Over Unity Energy Amplifier. Russ’s Work
1Stop Energies – POE Vortex Coil Technology
3 Rodin Coils = Free Energy – YouTube Watch New Energy Series – Free Energy – The Race to Zero Point Addendum | Prime Video


Best Evidence – New Energy


This document “New Energy Evidence”, which has been compiled by Dr. Steven Greer, who has a long history of peaceful relations and Close Encounters with ET’s, is a professional list of so many mind-boggling creations that could benefit humanity–but which have been suppressed due to force and fear, by the controllers.


See more about the New Energy Evidence for Extra-terrestrial Influence of Earth’s Inventors at Evidence – Sirius Disclosure


See other suppressed inventions at, “The 18 Most Suppressed Inventions Ever”


Organizations New Energy & Engineering


Some of these organizations have material on their site, some don’t.

“New energy” is just another keyword or synonym for “free-energy.”


New Energy Movement


Engineering, Electronics, and History Who Killed the Electric Car?: Movies & TV
2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Exclusive conference with the Pioneers of the modern day Tesla & free energy movement!
Sacred Geometry Patterns and Frequencies That Come To Us From Nature – YouTube
Nikola Tesla | Free Energy
Negentropic Fields: Announcements from Implosion Group- Dan Winter
Introduction to the Reciprocal System (RS2) of Dewey Larson by Bruce Peret – YouTube
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