How to Learn Chinese Faster (part 2)

Mastering the Foundations of any learning process are the most important. Returning to them frequently, is also something you should do, because the foundations affect everything built on them.

One of the biggest problems for Chinese as a second language, is the pronunciation. This is a foundation of any language, because without good pronunciation nobody will respect your huge vocabulary, or your beautiful grammar. But they will respect your grammar and vocabulary if your pronunciation is sound. This is particularly important for learners of romance languages, which have much varied pronunciations from word to word. Their functions are much less homogeneous than the Chinese language.

Why Pronunciation is Really a Missing Link for Chinese Learners

Many Chinese learners don’t realize that they sound bad, not because of their tones, but their pronunciation. If you can get the pronunciation, the tones will follow.

How to Learn Correct Chinese Pronunciation

  •  A sensitive ear, such as from musical training
  •  IPA – International Pronunciation Alphabet
  • A Chinese-English dictionary with IPA

This video will help you get started!