Improvisation versus Formation

I used to be opposed to the idea that God has a plan for us, and the saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”

I would say “Yes, it happens because of cause and effect.”

Improvisation and form are not mutually exclusive. Improvisation is not chaos. Just as a jazz musician follows the harmonic structure but improvises within it, we can follow a course of action which is of a higher nature, and still have fun doing it and being in the moment.

This is what I resented; that planning tends to remove spontaneity.

I also realized that preparation is inversely proportionally necessary to the speed at which knowledge can be acquired and used. Intelligence is infinite.

Therefore, the extreme emphasis on book learning in universities is not preparation, but procrastination. Experience is the greatest teacher.

And speaking of school, did you know student debt is the government’s largest income?



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