Website Checklist

Website Checklist

These are some concerns I ask my clients:

*Is the site mobile-friendly? (over 60% of the time, people access the web through mobile)

**Does it load fast? (over 50% of visitors leave if a page doesn’t load within 3 seconds)

Does it have analytics? To track who and how many are showing up on your site? And to create new content for the most-perused topics?

Do the pictures look appealing? Are they stock images? Or real in-action photos from a professional photographer?

Are there custom graphics designed for your marketing / organizational events and goals? Do they excite the visitors?

Are the colors consistent and pleasant? Do they reflect your company’s vibe?

Does the design look modern and up to date?

Is the font pleasant? Does it represent your company’s goals and brand?

Does the text size look appealing? Is the text large enough to read? When you zoom the page?

Is there white-space? or are the menus crowded?

Is there too much information on the home-page? How do you know? Have you measured it? Do you want to measure the traffic with analytics?

Are you optimized for a paid advertising campaign to bring in more traffic? How do you know? What are your monthly goals for visitors? Have you reached them?

Has your organization ever spend money on paid advertising? What were the results?

When was the last time the content was updated?

How do you write articles? Who writes them?

Does your platform (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress) make it easy for you to make new content? Does it get in the way of a professional custom-design?