Developing Relationships

Do you believe that love is hard to find, kind of medium like shopping for an umbrella, or pretty easy?

How do you approach people that you are attracted to?

These questions help you learn more about how you meet people.

Download “Developing Relationships” worksheet

Pick One Person

This worksheet will help you see that the people around you are playing characters on a stage, and that stage is life, and you are improvising with them. You can let go of the seriousness once in a while and see that you are just playing a game/scenario/play. When you do this, the scene tends to change or shift, since it has been un-covered. The seriousness that was there before, melts away, and all that is left is love and appreciation for the person or situation. These situations inevitably continue to repeat in our lives until they are ultimately noticed by us, and the lesson or new concept is learned.

“Pick one person” worksheet

Patterns of Societal Thinking

This worksheet is a list of societal values commonly held in the United States.  The purpose of this worksheet, is to get you started thinking about your assumptions about the world, as framed by collective conclusions from society.

Download the “Patterns of societal thinking worksheet” worksheet

External Patterns

This worksheet helps us see how the physical-object-world that seems separate from us, is really connected much more than we think! Nothing is really external to you. You are connected to everything and your mind (whether consciously or not) forms connections and shapes your reality.

Download the “External Patterns” worksheet